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Day 7: How to Drink the Raw Vegan Kool-Aid (Step 5 – final)

Are the folks concerned about the health industry delusional?  Is Earthlings designed to scare us away from eating food that is healthy for us?  Is the raw vegan movement just a fad?  Are all of the gurus of the raw vegan movement wrong, no matter which side you’re on?  Could my decision to try 80 10 10 be the biggest mistake of my life?

All of these things are possible, of course.

As humans we can be mistaken.  Go ahead.  It’s allowed.  But at the end of the day we can decide to be satisfied with the status quo, or get up off our asses and …

Step 5.  Try Something

No offense to any of the other diet gurus out there, but my decision is to give 80 10 10 a serious shot and see what happens.  I don’t plan to be as militant about it as Durianrider but I do plan to take it as seriously.  (Say what you will, but I for one like the guy.  He is not afraid to say what’s on his mind, even if it’s a little harsh.  If I believed what he believed, I’d be shouting it from the rooftops as well.)

Anyway, if you still want to do the “year without sugar” (or even a week or a month) without going to the “extremes” (personally I think sickness is “extreme” but whatever) I am, you’re still welcome to join in, of course.  Maybe together we can compare notes and figure out this diet thing once and for all.

Meanwhile, here’s one final video to inspire you about what’s possible …

And another to show you that a bit of creativity is in fact allowed in 80 10 10 eating …

That’s the end of my introductory raw vegan rant, but I plan to keep on sharing things I learn as this journey progresses.  For example, tomorrow I’ll reveal a bit of arcane lore about your food that you probably do not know … (not knowing this little tidbit could have negative health consequences, so tune back in, y’all)

Here’s what happened on Day 6:


Smoothie of bananas (1.5 lb peeled), strawberries (3 oz), blueberry (3 oz), frozen acai (4 oz)


Mango (1 lb)

Strawberry (1 lb)


Coconut water


Smoothie of banana (13 oz), strawberry (4 oz), acai (4 oz)

Raw soup of tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumber

Butter lettuce salad – no dressing (later on out at dinner with friends)

Midnight Snack

Watermelon (4 lb whole)

Diet Plan

80/10/10 Raw Vegan (modified slightly)


Green Vibrance


- none


Energy was pretty good.