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Day 12: Where Do You Get Your Protein?

This is perhaps the most common question an 80 10 10 raw vegan (811rv) is asked.

According to Dr. Doug Graham, the author of 80 10 10, we don’t need as much protein as we have been led to believe by the meat industry.  He believes when we eat a diet of cooked foods and meats our digestive systems are not as efficient as they can be so our requirements for protein go way up.  If one eats a diet of only raw fruits and vegetables, however, there is no need to supplement their protein even if they are bodybuilders or other elite athletes who require unusually high muscle mass.

With so many people reporting spectacular results …

… doing weight lifting, bodybuilding, and every sport imaginable on 811rv … I have to think that there must be something to it.

Is it true?  Or is protein supplementation required for building bulging muscles?  If you have an opinion, let’s hear it.

Meanwhile, here’s what happened on Day 11:


Smoothie consisting of banana (7 oz peeled), mixed greens (1 oz), strawberry (1 lb), acai (4 oz)


Watermelon (2 pounds cut)


Celery stalks


Cantelope (6 pounds uncut)

Raw soup consisting of tomato, spinach, mixed greens, and cucumber

Diet Plan

80/10/10 Raw Vegan (modified slightly)


Green Vibrance


MMA Conditioning Routine (ropes, ball slams, kettle bells, bag work, etc)


As I get myself back into MMA condition after my injuries I’m not yet sure how the diet is affecting my energy levels.  I have a bit of work to do to get my body back in the condition it was in before I broke my rib, but I do get a sense that my recovery time is faster and that my body is generally healthier.