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Day 14: How Much Sodium is in a McDonald’s Shake?

A 12 oz. McDonald’s Chocolate Shake has 300 mg of sodium.  A large serving of fries from McDonald’s has 350 mg of sodium.

Are you surprised?  Check out their nutritional facts disclosure.  Wait till you see how much sodium is in their Angus Chipotle BBA burger.  And how much (added) sugar is in the aforementioned shake.

The slogan of McDonald’s is “I’m lovin’ it.”  I can promise your pancreas won’t be.

Here’s what happened on Day 13:


Smoothie of banana (2 lbs), acai (4 oz), and strawberry (8 oz)


Cantaloupe (2 lbs cut)


Celery hearts


Cheat meal!  (Had sushi at my wife’s birthday party … no refined sugar or alcohol, though – I don’t plan to “cheat” on that for the year)

Diet Plan

80/10/10 Raw Vegan (modified slightly)


Green Vibrance




The sushi I had didn’t make me feel too bad, but I didn’t feel as clean and energized as I do after eating fruit.