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Day 2: How to Drink the Raw Vegan Kool-Aid (Step 2)

Below I shall reveal to you what I ate yesterday.  (Alert the media!)

First, let me carry on with my Kool-Aid instructions …

Step 2.  Learn the Truth About the Meat Industry

If you watched Food, Inc in Step 1, you’re already half way there.

If you’re really hard core, you’ll watch Earthlings.

(Warning:  do not watch this film if you plan to eat meat in the future.  You’ve been warned …)

On that cheery note … Here’s what I ate yesterday:


Banana Strawberry Smoothie


Two Cantelopes


Green Juice (spinach, cucumber, celery)

Whole Small Watermelon

Diet Plan

80/10/10 Raw Vegan (modified slightly)


Green Vibrance


Weight Training (solo)

I’ll start adding more detail to these reports as we go along, including full details on amounts consumed, and so on …

Meanwhile, if you’re taking the plunge with me, let’s hear how you’re doing in the comments below.  (You may have to refresh the page to see them … there’s a bug in the facebook comments plugin we’re troubleshooting.)