Week 9 Update: Things Vegans Don’t Need?

I love how out-spoken so many of the proponents of raw veganism are becoming …  I haven’t noticed any of these improvements yet, but then I haven’t been as constistently raw as I think I need to be.

With that said, here’s what happened last week:


  • 75% “banana island”
  • 20% cooked-vegan
  • 5% 811rv
  • (plus one meal while in L.A. that had a little bit of meat in it:  jjajangmyun)

Observations and Conclusions:

  • Some of your friends will support you, some won’t …  don’t take it personally.  At this point, I don’t expect help or encouragement, but when it does come (last weekend in L.A. a lot of people were conscious about finding options for me that were sugar-free, vegan, etc …), it’s a really welcome surprise.
  • Learned about mixing sugars and starches via Doug Graham’s book on eating for athletic performance.  Definitely turned out to be true when I had a bowl of vegan noodles very soon after eating a full banana meal.  Short explanation:  starch + sugar is the recipe for fermentation.  Fermentation in the stomach is no bueno.
  • I’m still not getting enough sleep (way way below what I should be getting)
  • I’m not drinking enough water (been very challenging as I move around)
  • I’m still not as consistent as I’d like … I really need to go full on 811rv with only the occasional cooked vegan meal (like one a way).  I might push for that when I get back from New York next week.