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Day 21: Are All Vegans Weak and Sickly?

Are vegans all weak and sickly?  Like this guy …

What’s up the the “weak and sickly vegan” stereotype?

Is veganism only suitable for certain types of people?  Are some people doing it wrong?  Or is the whole stereotype meat-industry propaganda?

As I continue down this path I’m beginning to suspect (this is only a hypothesis) that the people having a hard time on a vegan diet fall into these categories:

  • too much fat
  • not enough sleep
  • not enough exercise
  • eating vegan junk food
  • not enough food
  • taking too many faddish supplements

I have no real statistical data to back that up, but someone like Dr. Graham just might …

Here’s what happened on Day 20:


Cleansing juice of beets (1.5 pounds), apples (2 pounds), lemon (1 whole)


Mangos (3 lbs cut)




Vegan Pho (cooked, but low fat)

Diet Plan

80/10/10 Raw Vegan (modified slightly to include an occasional McDougall-style cooked meal)


Green Vibrance




Getting enough sleep is a recurring problem for me … but I feel much better today having had a decent sleep last night.