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A Public Declaration

Why am I making my “year without sugar” so public?

Well, it’s like this … Having made it so public I now have three choices:

  1. Keep my promise
  2. Not keep it and lie about it
  3. Not keep it, stay honest, and look like a chump

I’m not a big fan of lying or looking like a chump, so I really have only one real option here:  keep my promise.

So, we’re 3 days away … Will you make a public declaration right here (in the comments below) that you’re with me?   (If a year is too daunting, surely you can swing an easy-peasy 30 days.) 

Note:  I know the facebook comments have been appearing unreliably … My tech ninjas are figuring out the problem.  If you don’t see an option to comment, just refresh this page and it should appear.